How to play: Use the mouse to move, Space to speed up more, LMB to shoot normal lasers, RMB to fire the additional weapon.


Engage the new combat in game, play against all of the enemies in the Free For All mode and get ready to evolve your way! Launch battle with a basic and vulnerable spaceship, fly around the battlefield and get ready to show up the own shooting ability wisely. You are able to destroy asteroids floating around you, too. Just remove them and collect the useful dust that they leave. Aside from that, you can gather these items from the map or from killing other players. Be careful! Do not crash into those small planets or get damaged! Your speed will depend on moving the mouse cursor. Besides, you can boost more. Once you earn enough, your ship will change into another better form. Your power will be improved later. includes many exciting rounds. You should complete the challenge without fail. Are you willing to start? Share with your friends! Good luck!

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