How to play: Use the mouse to move. Hold left mouse to boost.



Spinz.io is a multiplayer online Fidget Spinner game in the Agar.io style. It is inspired by a popular toy. After you spawn in a large map, you need to gather colored dots as many as possible to obtain RPM (Revolutions per Minute). It is the value that helps the player becomes the leader later. Try to get the highest to dominate! Do not collide with the stronger opponent or you will die and lose the point you have! However, you should keep calm when the enemy gets close to you in order to find an exit. In Spinz.io, you can attack the weaker guy to steal their energy. It’s simple to move faster! But, the acceleration will consume a lot of scores. If you are tired of competing against the strange antagonist, just invite your buddies and create a party. It’s also available to customize your spinner before you embark on the match. There is a big collection of colors, patterns, and forms for you to choose from. You can unlock, earn ranks, or buy. Have fun!

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