How to play: Use the mouse to move around Press key W/Z to shoot food, key X to shoot poison, key C to construct your wall, key V to remove your wall, and spacebar to split.



Spred.io is another fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game that you shouldn’t miss. Joining this game will bring you another chance to test your strategic and battling skills. Once spawning in the game arena, you will have to control your character and make an effort to convert a bunch of empty tiles around you. Try to convert them as much as possible, which will bring a lot of mass to your realm. However, your territory can be in danger anytime, since the opponents will try to attack it. Make sure you create a strong wall around it, and go kill the enemies all in order to take over their territories, excluding for his wall. To break it, you must shoot poison to debilitate his strength so you can get rid of his wall easily. Try to defend your realm at all cost and survive longer to rule the whole arena. Are you up for this? Let’s play the game now!

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