How to play: Use WASD keys to move, RMB to control alternate guns, LMB to trigger primary weapons, numbers to select abilities, the mouse wheel to zoom.


Play the cool game as a hero and fight against the opposing race to take over the whole battlefield. Try to defeat as many enemies as possible to earn high ranks and become the top player quickly! You will start with the very basic unit, Javelin (artillery) or Manta (air fighter). When you are successful in killing other opponents, you will unlock stronger troops like Harpy and Gladiator, or super forces such as extremely big flying battleships and the Ion Cannon. Teams in will be equipped with an unlimited number of the supply. When you remove a target, another will spawn and replace. Additionally, the resource ticker for the antagonist will be decreased. If yours goes 0, defending bases will explode and the Command Center will get weaker. You’d better work with your teammates to clear the other fort. They will support you to demolish the objective sooner than expected. Much fun!

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