Super Treasure Arena

How to play: Use WASD or arrows to move, Space to jump, left click to attack, right click to block, number keys or the mouse wheel to switch the weapon, Shift for the ability.


Super Treasure Arena

Super Treasure Arena is an amazing multiplayer online action game. The new battle takes place in a vast area where you can find yourself standing in a dark dungeon along with other dangerous opponents. You need to become the winner at all costs by collecting the most coins as soon as possible. Indeed, loot is the most important key for anybody who wants to reach the top spot and take over the rankings. There are many different types of the items that you can gather like bows, rockets, bombs, and so on. Remember that you are joining in a survival combat. Thus, you must defend your life by jumping, dodging or blocking the enemy’s attacks. Every class that the Super Treasure Arena provides will bring to you several unique abilities. You should learn how to activate them properly or you will be vulnerable easily. Let’s play and explore your story your way right now!

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