How to play: Use WASD to move, the mouse to shoot and aim, Space to activate the power-up.

Description: is a cool and fun fast-paced shooter Io game. Play online for free with multiple people at a small arena which is set in outer space. With the amazing background music, every challenge can become easier and more interesting. The mission is to beat the top spot and occupy the leaderboard as fast as possible. Take part in another combat and compete against everybody you see on the way. You’d better shoot down all of the antagonists quickly before they do the same for you. Not only that, you need to protect your spaceship to survive. With the simple weapon that you are armed, destroy them and break other crates to earn the more powerful items along with exciting power-ups. They are effective to defeat the target in the short time. When you level up, you can rank up and unlock much more upgrades. Let’s start and share with your buddies now!

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