How to play: Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, F to collect items.

Description: is a popular online multiplayer 2d shooter game similar to the Battle Royale genre and style. You are about to engage a fierce combat in which you must become the last survivor. In other words, you need to keep you safe until you beat all of the enemies. Note that you are equipped with nothing after you parachute and land on the playing field, a deserted island located far from the mainland. You are recommended to collect guns along with ammo and other items which are scattered across the map. Aside from that, you can loot somebody who has been killed. Be careful! You can be trapped while trying to take that gear. In case you are damaged, do not ignore picking out a bandage or a booster to restore your health. Just open the backpack and select supplies that you want. Additionally, you can stay alive longer if you avoid the red zone. Have fun!

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