How to play: Use the left mouse button to interact and move.



Wanderers.io is an exciting RPG game about survival. Stranded in a massive land and you have to learn how to control your wandering tribe. Guide your people search for resources and gather them as fast as possible. You will begin with two basic members, an axe wielder with a bow wielder. They can automatically chop trees to collect wood and hunt wild animals for meat. You should use materials to generate more units and research other abilities. There are several areas in Wanderers.io that you can approach to farm and find food. While they are working, you need to keep an eye on other opponents and prevent them before it’s too late because they will not behave friendly as you expect. Even, they can attack and kill you. With the help of upgrades that you buy, you can summon more forces and increase the winning chance without difficulty. Good luck!

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