How to play: Use the mouse to aim, LMB to place blocks, RMB to skip.



WarehousePANIC.io is a cool puzzle game inspired by Bejeweled Style. It is free for you to compete with multiple online players at once. You and these rivals will have to try to complete the new job and collect the highest score which allows you to dominate the top spot afterward. After you enter the playing field, you need to act quickly to occupy the largest area. You are able to achieve that goal by placing down blocks. Each time you embark on a stage, you will be given a type of goods which is not similar to the previous round. However, that is not important. What you are forced to do is to choose the suitable positions to store your stuff. If the item that you receive does not fit, you should rapidly skip it to take another. Attempt to block your opponents from filling the place that you target or you will lose the opportunity to gather the best point!

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