How to play: Use WADS to move, the mouse to observe. Press left click to gather, build, and attack. Tap Space to auto attack. Hit E to upgrade, F to heal, B to open the shop, P for the party, Enter to chat.



Zombs.io is a cool free MMO game, the mix of Minecraft + Zombie tower defense. Play the new challenge taking place in a strange land, build up the strongest base and fight against all of the waves of walking dead as soon as possible. Remember to upgrade and improve your castle! Aside from that, push back every enemy which becomes more dangerous over time. If you team up with some buddies, you should create a fortress in which you can defend from any attack from soulless corpses. Especially, they will spawn than normal when you work together with friends. In Zombs.io, you can set down the Gold Stash to put up your citadel. Also, mine stone and wood for tall narrow buildings. Gold Mines are important to generate gold used to buy upgrades in the shop. Turrets allow you to protect both structures while walls will block the foe from invading and attacking your construction directly. Let’s check your ability and earn the highest score to dominate!



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