Monster Race 3D

Monster Race 3D Game

Monster Race 3d is a fun racing game where you play to be the best racer in challenging races. You drive a cute monster truck then beat your enemy with good skills.

A fun, amazing, yet challenging racing tournament is awaiting you in this title! This play arena is full of fun. However, it is also the place where you have to prove your excellent racing skills to the world. Get your skills ready for it!

Monster Race 3d game keeps you entertained with game modes and stuff

The game features great game modes with amazing gameplay for you to explore.

The diversity of game modes

Unlike other racing games, you can also play Monster Race 3d online with two major game modes. Each game mode delivers some unique minor modes. For instance, if you choose to play with 1-player mode, you can select Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial.

Monster Race 3D No Flash Game
Monster Race 3D No Flash Game

Identically, the two-player mode offers you those same minor modes as the 1-player mode, except for the Time Trial. However, this mode is more challenging because you have to race against your opponents, requiring more of your attention and skills.

Monster Race 3d treats you with amazing stuff

After choosing your favorite game mode, you then head into a race where you can show your skills. The appearance of your truck is cute. It is in a monster shape, making you feel more powerful on the racing track.

You Can Play Monster Race 3D Game Alone Or With A Friend.
You Can Play Monster Race 3D Game Alone Or With A Friend.

There are 10 discrepant tracks that come in colors. Hence, you choose the one you like then try your best to conquer it. No matter how you play, put your efforts into it for a chance of reaching the first place to win.

Monster Race 3d unblocked welcomes all racers in the world to join this racing tournament. You race to be the best monster racer of all.

How to play Monster Race 3D

  • Player 1: Drive your monster truck using keys WASD.
  • Player 2: Drive your monster truck using arrow keys.

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Monster Race 3D

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