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Privacy Policy at is for you to know how we work with user information. Please read the policies carefully before you play online here.

This is Privacy Policy on our website, It will tell you about how we collect and work with your information and your responsibility to protect personal information. We always encourage you to read it carefully and follow it properly while you visit this website.

We always disclose our behavior with user information for you to understand and share with us if you have any questions. Everything we do is to improve this website and give you a better game experience.

How we work with users’ personal information

First, we want to talk a little bit about It is a website dedicated to sharing fun io games online where you can play with friends all over the world. It is also the main playground of, our own produced and published game, and many other shared games like shooting, strategy, agario, and more.

With a large number of daily visitors of all ages, our website can be seen as a high-impact playground. Therefore, to ensure a good entertainment experience for everyone, we need to have separate policies and terms. You can find them in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Why do we need to collect information about you and other users?

In the Privacy Policy, the most important content is the provisions on the collection of user information. We have always made our approach to this matter public for the common good. User information is the input to the information management system at and is important in improving and upgrading the website.


  • To keep in touch: We collect and store users’ personal information to contact them when necessary. For example, we’ll notify you if there are new updates for your favorite games, changes in our policies and terms of use, or any other issues on our web.
  • To track user experience: We collect logs of your activity at the site to better understand your preferences for games or advertisements. As a result, we will recommend your favorite choices so that you get a personalized experience when visiting this website.
  • To improve the website and the experience quality: We may collect your comments and shares on this website and display them for everyone else to see. It’s a way to help you interact with friends all over the world. Moreover, we will listen to your comments to fix bugs and improve the speed of the experience.

What information will we collect?

What we will collect from users includes:

  • Personal Account: It includes the information you used to register your account like your account name, password, avatar name, avatar picture, email, and more. We do not ask you to use real information to register and you can also play any game right away without creating an account.
  • What you post: It includes your posts and comments through your personal account. We will collect them to make them visible to everyone, and manage and take action against inappropriate information.
  • Your Activity Log: It includes the ads you click on, the games you play, and the search history. We need them to suggest to you what you like on your next visits to

Our and your responsibility for information security

With respect to your personal information, you have both responsibility and authority. In particular, you are free to edit your information and ask us to stop collecting and storing your information. Besides, it is your responsibility to keep your account and password secure. In particular, do not share your GPS address because we never ask for it.

In addition, please understand that you will be legally responsible for the information you share at You may not share content that is inappropriate and affects the rights and quality of the experience of others. We will take measures to warn and handle accounts with violations.

Besides, we always have many measures, including backup measures, to secure user information. But we always need cooperation and support from users to ensure the highest possible security. Please feel free to share with us if you have any privacy-related issues at

Finally, we would like to say that the privacy policies at may change from time to time to suit the current situation. But we do it based on user contributions and our careful consideration. We’re always ready to let everyone know if there are any changes, and you need to comply with the new policies.

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