City of Psychos

City of Psychos Game

City of Psychos is a shooting game where you defeat zombies using strong weapons. The game is set in a world dominated by zombies and you must survive that world.

City of Psychos lets you fight against lots of psychos that resemble zombies

The world in this zombie shooting game is infected by a virus. This virus makes people crazy. Therefore, they become psychos and they act like zombies. They also have weird behaviors such as aggressiveness and angriness.

Survive the world in City of Psychos game using your weapons

You enter this world to fight against the zombies for your survival. Since the zombies are strong, you need something stronger to fight against them. Hence, you move around the arena collecting lots of weapons then use them to your strength.

Besides weapons, you also collect other elements like money and first-aid. They will heal your health as well as let you buy more upgrades.

City of Psychos unblocked is a familiar game with a nice gameplay mechanic. However, it is still interesting to play. Join the game to perform your skills!

How to play City of Psychos

You move with arrow keys or WASD. You shoot with the mouse. Select your weapon using the mouse wheel scroll or number keys 1-2. Eliminate your weapon using X. Hold the left mouse button for running. Use the spacebar for jumping.

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City of Psychos

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