HTML5 Game

Play HTML5 Game online to play against other opponents! HTML5 Game is one of new iO games with many challenges and great features.

Space Survivor Space Survivor

Space Survivor is a survival game online full of actions. You have to perform actions as you play to defeat your opponents as well as stay alive the longest possible. Space Survivor features an experience bar that you... is a great MMO Agario style classic game that you are able to play with lots of antagonists for free. Select your favorite cartoon character, for example, Pikachu or Mario, and do not forget that you will... is a fascinating Battle Royale-based 2D shooter. Check out the brand new Io game and get ready to fight until you become the last survivor! You and multiple people will be sent to a deserted land in... is a great classic game set in a special maze. It is too small to move and escape. You will not play solo as the experience in the original. But, you will have the chance to explore... is developed by Clown Games. Experience a great multiplayer game inspired by Agario style. Start off with a dot and play against other players for the top spot. You need to eat as much food as possible... is an online Agario style game about an intense multiplayer dogfight. Fly around the map with a spaceship which is similar to a colored triangle and fight against tons of enemies around the world. Enjoy the fun...