FNAF 12 Game

FNAF 12 is one of the fnaf games where you must stay alive. Get ready to fight against every killing machine and beat all challenges before you complete levels!

FNAF 12 game is a survival battle happening at a dark pizzeria

You are a security guard working at a spooky pizza restaurant in this crazy action game online. In addition to that, your shift will occur from 12 AM to 6 AM. Moreover, it will last for a week.

FNAF 12 APK and mysteries in your workplace

At present, it’s not available to know FNAF 12 release date. In the version for Android, FNAF 12 APK, you will experience lots of strange things around robots including Chica the chicken, Freddy the bear, Bonnie the rabbit, and Foxy the fox.

In fact, something in FNaF 12 game occupied them and turn them into killing machines. Not only that, you are the newest target after mysterious disappearances. So, you have to protect your room until 6 AM.

It’s time you play FNAF 12 online and learn how to manage your tools! Good luck!

How to play FNAF 12

Control your watchman with Left Mouse.

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