Stick it to the Stickman

Stick it to the Stickman Game

Welcome to the 2D stickman game world of Stick it to the Stickman, a roguelike brawler that adds a hilarious twist to corporate climbing. Navigate the chaotic office environment armed with groin kicks, staple guns, and chainsaws. Join us on a journey through weaponized farts, physics-based combat, and unconventional business techniques as you strive to become the CEO of the worst company in America.

A Groin-Kicking Adventure in Stickman world

When playing Stick it to the Stickman unblocked online, batter your way through the corporate hierarchy with groin kicks, staple guns, and chainsaws. Therefore, this unconventional adventure encourages you to fight your way through colleagues and bosses. From this, you can moreover learn powerful “business techniques” on your journey to the top. Additionally, embrace the absurdity of corporate life as you wield HR-approved weaponry to secure your position.

Office Mayhem Unleashed

In the new Stick it to the Stickman unblocked game, office mayhem basically takes center stage as you battle through coworkers, middle-management, and bosses. This roguelike brawler generally thrives on high-impact, physics-based combat, ensuring every encounter is both entertaining and challenging. You can embrace the chaos, unleash weaponized farts, and navigate the hilarious yet ruthless world. This is where corporate climbing involves a blend of wit, weaponry, and unorthodox skills.

How to play Stick it to the Stickman

Use the arrow keys and mouse to move and choose options.

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Stick it to the Stickman

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