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Terms of Use are always important to keep arrow-io.com sane and principled. Please abide by them when you play arrow.io online or other io games at this site.

Terms of Use at arrow-io.com are always public here so everyone can follow them easily. It includes the terms of the user’s responsibility to respect our copyrights and some notes that users need to know about protecting their information rights.

These terms are usually fixed, but we may change them depending on the current situation and user input. Therefore, we always encourage you to read and comply with them or share with us any questions you have.

What belongs to our copyright and what should you do with them?

arrow-io.com is a website for sharing online io games for all to access and enjoy. So we always want it to be a healthy and rewarding playground for everyone’s needs. To ensure this in the long run, they have important provisions that you need to know and adhere to.

We want to talk about the responsibility of respecting the copyright of users when accessing our website. We have the rights to arrow.io, an online multiplayer archery game. It is produced by our team both in source code, images, video, audio, and everything.

So here is the original site for you to search and play arrow.io online. You can read the introduction and tutorial about this game right on the website to get to its gameplay easier. You can also compete with many players around the world in this exciting online playground.

Because of the above, everything about the arrow.io game is our copyright. Besides, the content about gameplay, introduction, and how to play … placed below the games at arrow-io.com also comes from our content team. Therefore, it is your responsibility to respect the copyrights of this content and to ask for our permission before you want to share them.

Meanwhile, most of the games on this website come from other sources so they are not under our copyright. We have no responsibility and authority for the images, videos, logos, and more related to these games. So feel free to share what you like with your friends without asking our permission!

Terms regarding your personal information

Each user at arrow-io.com has a separate personal information profile that stores account information and what he/she shares at this site. As for personal information, you have the right to edit, delete and add in your own way. And you can even ask us to stop storing your personal information.

Although we have many measures in place to protect your information, you have the greatest responsibility for this. Please do not share your account and password with anyone you do not trust. If you discover a personal information security breach, please contact us for timely handling.

In addition, we would like to disclaim responsibility for user content. In other words, users will be fully responsible for what they post through their account, including posts, comments, and more. But we will control what is posted on this website for the common good.

We will permanently ban user accounts that infringe on players’ personal information, accounts that share violent, pornographic, or criminal content, images or videos, and similar behaviors. As these can affect the quality of the experience of others, including children and young people.

These terms of use are very important for any website, including arrow-io.com. We are always trying to improve the quality of the games while improving the rules and terms to keep the site clean and useful. We appreciate your compliance with every provision here.

But we always encourage people to share with us what they want. We will base on your sharing change and edit the terms of use in case of need. Therefore, the terms may change unexpectedly, but we will notify you soon to keep you up to date.

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