Kill-BOI 9000

Kill-BOI 9000 Game

Kill-BOI 9000 io is a playfield hiding unique upgrades. You’d better defend your character from scary huge-eyed creatures and build the best fighting machine to win.

Kill-BOI 9000 takes the player to a chaotic place

Kill-BOI 9000 2D is a dangerous battlefield set on a massive map. It’s not difficult to see a lot of frightening monsters. However, it’s also easy for your character to remove them with a stick.

Aside from his presence, there is a friend. It is a toaster. It will go with you during the battle. But, collecting hearts that the enemy leaves is your job.

Especially, it’s necessary to bring them to the robot called Kill-BOI. It’s a useful mission because it will allow you to unlock and upgrade your friend. Once it grows stronger, you’ll have more chances to be the winner and clear the location.

In other words, it’s a small world where you can play Kill-BOI 9000 multiplayer online. In fact, it’s available to experience with your buddy locally. Meanwhile, it’s possible to enjoy the story solo if you like.

Kill-BOI 9000 unblocked contains plenty of upgrades and levels

You should not be surprised when you can level up quickly. To enter the next stage, you must focus on staying alive and defeating as many enemies as you can.

Selecting Kill-BOI 9000 full screen helps you fulfill your challenge more easily. It’s ideal for you to gather upgrades sooner, as well. They are weapons or tools that will attach to the body of the robot.

Kill-BOI 9000 is a game in which you are recommended to own and mix every item. You will receive powerful parts and create a giant deadly machine as you wish.

How to play Kill-BOI 9000

WASD keys to move the first player around Arrow keys to control the second player Spacebar or Left mouse to accept the upgrade

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Kill-BOI 9000

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