Stick War New Age

Stick War New Age Game

Stick War New Age brings a new stick fight to players. You are a stickman who uses a strong gun to aim then shoot at rivals as you try to vanquish lots of obstacles.

This is a great 2D upgrade game with a new adventure for you to play. It is the sequel to Stick War unblocked. You enter a world full of challenges and obstacles. Your enemies are awaiting you, so you use your gun to defeat them before they defeat you.

When the game starts, you enter the battle where you need to shoot enemies that stand in your way. They are not only your challenges but you also have to avoid the obstacles that you come across.

These obstacles are diverse. Hence, you need to be attentive and be aware of them. They are things such as barbed balls that are swinging, rotating blades, moving rocks, and so forth.

As soon as you catch sight of any enemies, you must quickly shoot them before they shoot at you. Everything has to be done in a careful way if you want to secure your victory.

Don’t forget to upgrade your skills as you play because the toughness of the game will be increased if you reach further levels. The game provides you with lots of episodes. Each of them brings you a new experience. So, try your best to vanquish them for your victory.

Stick War New Age unblocked is a free game online that you can play anytime anywhere. Join it to prove your skills and master all levels to win.

How to play Stick War New Age

Move your Stickman using arrow keys. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse button.

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Stick War New Age

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