What is Arrow.io?

Get ready to join a new Multiplayer iO game called Arrow.io and take a chance to prove your archery skills now! Just like other iO games online, Arrow.io will also keep you entertained and addicted for periods of time once playing. As you know, most of the iO games are attractive and easily get players hooked, and playing these games can be considered as a familiar activity of the online players whenever they spend their leisure time. These iO games also give you a chance to make friends with lots of friends from around the globe, or you can share your experiences, or skills with each other. There are lots of new iO games released on the Internet every few days, and Arrow.io game is one of them! If you are a big fan of these Multiplayer games, then be sure to check out this new one for more experiences as well as practicing your abilities.

Arrow.io - Intro
Arrow.io – Intro

About Arrow.io – A Mobile app by Cheetah Games

Arrow.io is one of the latest Multiplayer iO game that has just been released recently as an Android application published by Cheetah Games. The game was made with lots of unique and beautiful graphics, which surely makes it more thrilling and exciting to play. There are some arenas featuring in the game, including Beginner Arena, Masters Arena, Firestorm Arena, and Midnight Arena. When you launch the game, at the main menu, you should give your player a nickname, select the game mode (including Limited-time championship, Online Game, or Offline Game), then spawn into the Beginner Arena. Before starting to battle, you need to select a skill, then get ready to meet your opponents!

Every player is an archer in Arrow.io! You are equipped with a bow and arrows, and you must use them wisely to aim and shoot down all the enemies. This one is tougher than other bow and arrow games! You are required to move around the map cleverly, then quickly take out your bow to shoot the arrows to the opponents before they destroy you. Your main goal is to defeat your opponents by using those arrows. If you get shot, your game will be over instantly, and you will have to restart it from the beginning. You also need to earn more gold while battling against the enemies and make an effort survive as long as possible.

As mentioned above, Arrow.io features some interesting arenas for you to enjoy! However, those arenas can only be accessed if you succeed in achieving the required targets, starting from the Beginner Arena. So, make sure you focus on your game, obtain your goals if you are trying to unlock all of the arenas. Arrow.io will be one of the best iO games that you have ever played!

The Controls of Arrow.io

When you play Arrow.io game on your mobile devices, you need to master the controls so you can direct your character and deal with the challenges easily. There is a controller on your screen, and it’s a big blue dot with four short arrows displaying four directions. You need to tap the blue dot carefully and move your character toward the direction that you want him to go to. For shooting the enemies, you need to tap your screen on the left and slide the controller cleverly. Don’t forget to select a skill before starting the battle.

Play Arrow.io Online For Free

Arrow.io is one of the most popular Multiplayer iO games for mobile devices for now, and the heat of this iO game seems to keep going on since now you are able to enjoy it online for free! So, if you are tired of playing Arrow.io on a limited-size screen, then why don’t you try playing it online on your own PC? This must be an amazing experience! There are no changes made to the online version of Arrow.io! The only different point is that you can enjoy the game on a large screen! Your main mission is to use your bow and arrows to aim and shoot down all the opponents as fast as possible before you get killed. Try to dodge their arrows, protect your character and survive longer! Your main goal is to become the best archer ever!

Arraw.io – A PC Version of Arrow.io

Arraw.io is also one of the latest Multiplayer iO game online! This game is like Arrow.io, and it can be considered as a PC version of Arrow.io. The gameplay of Arraw.io is pretty much the same as Arrow.io. You will also play as an archer that is equipped with a bow and unlimited arrows. Try to move around the map carefully, aim and shoot down all the rivals before they take you out. You must stay focused on your surroundings since your opponents cam repeatedly attack you from afar. Dodge their arrows, survive longer and see how many scores you can get! Play Arraw.io online now!

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