Your mission in unblocked is to create colors to paint the shapes to scale up your factory and beat other players. online is an io game where you can perform your creativity. You will create factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. The game is free to play on Arrow-io! Play it now to prove your skills!

There is a wide array of colors featured in game, including red, green, and blue. You can mix and match them to your likings. Once you have created a new color, you must quickly paint your shapes with that color. Make your shapes colorful and better their looks! This is how you make your gaming experience much better! You have to paint the shapes to meet the game objective, also, try to speed up your factory to fit the needs. Don’t forget to pick up resources to extend in the map. Play it now for free! Have fun with it!

How to play

Interact with objects and scale up your factory in the game using the mouse.



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