Game unblocked is one of the new io games. In which, a match between you, other players, and zombies will happen. In order to become the top winner, you need to stay alive and score the highest point. Everybody will be moved to a distant abandoned town which is inhabited by hordes of scary creatures. Every dweller has been infected and they turn into deadly monsters. They can roam and kill anybody on the path. Play free online and eliminate them to improve your own survivability! Additionally, race against other human characters to take over the leaderboard. After a stage is completed, you will obtain an upgrade. Besides, you are able to collect a lot of power-ups or stronger weapons whilst running away from the foes. Even, it’s feasible to build walls or crush them with your car. Don’t forget to team up with your buddies! Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD or ZQSD or Arrow keys to move around, LMB to shoot, RMB or B to build walls, Shift to speed up or drift, numbers or mouse wheel or click to select another weapon



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